29 Free Feminine Stock Image Resources + Bonus Resources

When I began blogging one of my worries was to be able to find the right pictures for my blog because I didn’t have the money to sign up for Stock photos websites, to be honest, I could’nt even afford a $10 monthly subscription. I looked for so many resources and what is so great about the blogger community is that we love to share and give out free stuff. Some bloggers do make a living blogging or using their blogs to promote a “Project of Love” but they are willing to give you a sample or taste of their work for free.

I’ve been able to find great free girly pictures for me to get started with my blog so I decided to put a list of the bloggers that offer some free pictures, the only thing you need to do in most cases is to provide your name and email so they can send you information about the services and products they offer and to be honest I think is only fair and you will be able to see with whom you would like to business in the future as you are growing as a blogger. From these websites that offer feminine/girly free images, you will be able to get over 300 free images, maybe not all of them will be suited for your brand I’m 100% sure you’ll find most of them useful one way or another 🙂
Most of these photos are licensed under creative commons license and for non-commercial purposes.
Helen in between.jpg
image by Helen in Between
1. Helen in Between: You would need to provide your name and email, share on either facebook or twitter and you will get free 15 stock images in your inbox.
2. Make Your Blog Beautiful: you will get 7 free stock photos when you subscribe with your email and also free stock images every month.
3. Creative Convex : She runs a design studio called PinkPot and created Creative Convex as a passion project. You can use the free photos from the photo packs for all non-commercial purposes. You need to subscribe with your email, you will get 20 free stock photos plus more.

4. City Girl Searching: To gain access you need to subscribe to her resource library. The photographs are licensed under creative commons license you can use them for all non-commercial purposes. She offers 12 free stock photos.
5. Turquoise and Palm: This is one of my favorites sites for stock photos, if you subscribe you will get 15 free stock photos and every month you will get a couple more free.
Pink and Gold- RNICOLE 4.jpg
6. Rekita Nicole: when you subscribe you’ll get a link in your inbox to gain access. She offers 99 free stock photos.
7. Haute Chocolate: you’ll need to subscribe and you’ll receive 4 free images. You can use the images for personal or commercial use, online and in print, you’ll also receive monthly stock images.
8. Wonderfelle Media: by subscribing you’ll get 10 free stock images.
9. Wonderlass: you need to provide your name and email and you will get 15 pretty girly styled photos.
10. Create Her Stock: the images are clean and sharp, although they are not really girly you can use them in lifestyles posts or blogging tips posts or career related after you subscribe you will get 8 free stock images.
jacque amadi feminine styled girlboss 3.png
image by Jacque Amadi
11. A Prettier Web: you’ll get 7 images  in web format  to be used for social media or your website. You can edit them and as needed
12. Solopreneurs Sidekick: after subscribing you will get 10 free stock photos for your website, blog, Instagram or wherever else you need. No attribution required.
13. Ashley Creates Things: you just need to go the website and will be able to download 20 free images, her website and images are amazing.
14. Cliché Mignon: this is a french site, I used google translator to navigate the site. You will need to subscribe to the resource library to get access to the images, the actual name of this blog is Epicerie du blog but to get the pictures it will take you to Cliché Mignon side.
15. Twigy Posts: this is a lovely website, her pictures are beautiful. after you subscribe to her website you’ll get 5 free stock images
Glam it 3.1 free stock from Vogue Web Ventures.JPG
image by Shafaq Omair
16. Shafaq Omair: Shafaq is a web designer, her images are really good when you subscribe to her mailing list you get access to the images. she offers a free stack of over 50 images but the one I liked the most is the stack called “Glam it”.
17. Create and Curate: she offers a stack of 5 images, there is no need to subscribe just click on download photos.
18. Kreanille Design: after subscription, you will receive10 images. her images are very feminine and clean type of images.
19. Gold and Berry: she has many free images available for download but she does accept donations for her work.
20. Mara Burkes: she offers tips for bloggers and entrepreneurs, after subscribing you will get over 90 images free for you to use, amazing for fashion and lifestyle bloggers.
21. Kate Maxwell Photography: she offers a few free images but they are beautiful girly happy pictures. at the moment you just need to download them directly from her site.
22. Amber Creative: after you sign up you’ll get access to her vault where you can download 10 free photos.
23. Jacque Amadi: she shares 3 free girly images to download.
24. Scarlett Ballantyne: she has a blog about working from home, she likes art, photography, and storytelling. after you sign up for her newsletter you’ll get access to download 5 free beautiful images.

25. Cynthia Koenig: you will need to subscribe to her website and you will get a password to gain access to the resource library where you’ll be able to download 7 free images.

26. Rakshi Creations: by subscribing to her newsletter you’ll gain access to download the freebies.

27. Ivory Mix: these free stock photos are for bloggers and entrepreneurs of all types. after providing your email you’ll gain access to the library where you can get over 30 free images that are beautifully styled.
28. Seaside Creative: Subscribe to our newsletter and get immediate access to the download, you’ll get 3 free images.
29. X Fallen Moon: after subscribing with your email, you’ll get a password to gain access to her resource library where you can download 12 free images.
My recommendation is to always read the guidelines because these could change overtime so always check if you need to attribute the pictures and where you can use them.
Bonus: More Resources where you can find many free stock images that you can use for your blog or online business below
I hope you can find this useful as it has been for my blog, if you know other free resource websites please share them below on the comments.

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